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Parameters for Docker#

list of options#

  • docker.container.capAdd: (array of string) Add Linux capabilities
  • docker.container.capDrop: (array of string) Drop Linux capabilities
  • docker.container.cgroupParent: (string) Cgroup to run a container in
  • docker.container.cpuPeriod: (integer) Limit the CPU CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler) period
  • docker.container.cpuQuota: (integer) Limit the CPU CFS (Completely Fair Scheduler) quota
  • docker.container.dns: (array of string) Set custom dns servers for the container
  • docker.container.dnsSearch: (array of string) Search list for host-name lookup.
  • docker.container.extraHosts: (array of string) Add a line to /etc/hosts (host:IP)
  • docker.container.kernelMemory: (integer) Kernel memory limit
  • docker.container.memoryReservation: (integer) Memory soft limit
  • docker.container.memory: (integer) Memory limit
  • docker.container.memorySwap: (integer) Total memory limit (memory + swap)
  • docker.container.memorySwappiness: (integer) Tune a container’s memory swappiness behavior. Accepts an integer between 0 and 100
  • docker.container.networkMode: (string) name of the network
  • docker.container.privileged: (boolean) Give extended privileges to this container
  • (string) Folder used by Cortex binary inside the container to share input and output data of Analyzers & Responders
  • job.dockerDirectory = (string) Folder on the host used by Analyzers & Responders to share input and output data with Cortex

Dockerized analyzers / responders#

To run Analyzers&Responders as docker images, use our available catalogs to register them.

In Cortex configuration file, update analyzer.urls and responder.urls and tell Cortex how to find analyzers and responders. These settings accept: - a path to a directory where workers are installed (like previous version of Cortex) - a path or an url (http(s)) to a JSON file containing all worker definitions (merge of all JSON in one array)

If you want to use dockerized analyzers, you can add the following urls: - analyzers-stable.json (once used, analyzer is never updated) - analyzers.json (updated when new version is released) - analyzers-devel.json (updated at each commit, used for development)

For responders urls are: - responders-stable.json (once used, analyzer is never updated) - responders.json (updated when new version is released) - responders-devel.json (updated at each commit, used for development)

Last update: September 6, 2022 12:26:10