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Run Cortex with Docker


To use the Docker image, you must use Docker (courtesy of Captain Obvious).

By default, the docker image generate a configuration file for Cortex with: - the Elasticsearch uri is determined by resolving the host name "elasticsearch", - the analyzers and responders official location, - a generated secret (used to protect the user sessions). The behaviour of the Cortex Docker image can be customized using environment variables or parameters:

Parameter Env variable Description
--no-config no_config=1 Do not configure Cortex
--no-config-secret no_config_secret=1 Do not add the random secret to the configuration
--no-config-es no_config_es=1 do not add elasticsearch hosts to configuration
--es-uri <uri> es_uri=<uri> use this string to configure elasticsearch hosts (format: http(s)://host:port,host:port(/prefix)?querystring)
--es-hostname <host> es_hostname=host resolve this hostname to find elasticsearch instances
--secret <secret> secret=<secret> secret to secure sessions
--show-secret show_secret=1 show the generated secret
--job-directory <dir> job_directory=<dir> use this directory to store job files
--docker-job-directory <dir> docker_job_directory=<dir> indicate the job directory in the host (not inside container)
--analyzer-url <url> analyzer_urls=<url>,<url>,... where analyzers are located (url or path)
--responder-url <url> responder_urls=<url>,<url>,... where responders are located (url or path)
--start-docker start_docker=1 start an internal docker (inside container) to run analyzers/responders
--daemon-user <user> daemon_user=<user> run cortex using this user

At the end of the generated configuration, the file /etc/cortex/application.conf is included. Thus you can override any setting by binding your own application.conf into this file:

docker run --volume /path/to/my/application.conf:/etc/cortex/application.conf thehiveproject/cortex:3.1.0-1 --es-uri http://elasticsearch.local:9200

Cortex uses docker to run analyzers and responders. If you run Cortex inside a docker, you can:

  • give Cortex access to docker service (recommended solution)
  • start a docker service inside Cortex docker container

Cortex uses main docker service#

In order to use docker service the docker socket must be bound into Cortex container. Moreover, as Cortex shares files with analyzers, a folder must be bound between them.

docker run --volume /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock --volume /var/run/cortex/jobs:/tmp/cortex-jobs thehiveproject/cortex:3.1.0-1 --job-directory /tmp/cortex-jobs --docker-job-directory /var/run/cortex/jobs

Cortex can instantiate docker container by using the docker socket /var/run/docker.sock. The folder /var/run/cortex/jobs is used to store temporary file of jobs. The folder /tmp/cortex-jobs is job folder inside the docker. In order to make job file visible to analyzer docker, Cortex needs to know both folders (parameters --job-directory and -docker-job-directory). On most cases, job directories are the same and --docker-job-directory can be omitted.

If you run Cortex in Windows, the docker service is accessible through the named pipe \\.\pipe\docker_engine. The command becomes

docker run --volume //./pipe/docker_engine://./pipe/docker_engine --volume C:\\CORTEX\\JOBS:/tmp/cortex-jobs thehiveproject/cortex:latest --job-directory /tmp/cortex-jobs --docker-job-directory C:\\CORTEX\\JOBS

Docker in docker (docker-ception)#

You can also run docker service inside Cortex container, a docker in a docker with --start-docker parameter. The container must be run in privileged mode.

docker run --privileged thehiveproject/cortex:3.1.0-1 --start-docker

In this case you don't need to bind job directory.

Use Docker-compose#

Cortex requires Elasticsearch to run. You can use docker-compose to start them together in Docker or install and configure Elasticsearch manually. Docker-compose can start multiple dockers and link them together.

The following docker-compose.yml file starts Elasticsearch and Cortex:

version: "2"
    image: elasticsearch:7.9.1
      - discovery.type=single-node
      - script.allowed_types=inline
      - thread_pool.write.queue_size=10000
      - /path/to/data:/usr/share/elasticsearch/data
    image: thehiveproject/cortex:3.1.1
      - job_directory=${job_directory}
      - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock
      - ${job_directory}:${job_directory}
      - elasticsearch
      - ""

Put this docker-compose file and .env in an empty folder and run docker-compose up. Cortex is exposed on 9001/tcp port. These ports can be changed by modifying the docker-compose file.

For advanced configuration, visit our Docker Templates repository

Last update: September 6, 2022 12:26:10