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Model definition#

Required attributes: - analyzerId (string): identifier of the analyzer used by the job - status (enumeration): status of the job (InProgress, Success, Failure) default=InProgress - artifactId (string): identifier of the artifact to analyze - startDate (date): job start date

Optional attributes: - endDate (date): job end date - report (string): raw content of the report sent back by the analyzer - cortexId (string): identifier of the cortex server - cortexJobId (string): identifier of the job in the cortex server

Job manipulation#

Job methods#

HTTP Method URI Action
POST /api/connector/cortex/job Create a new Cortex job
GET /api/connector/cortex/job/:jobId Get a cortex job
POST /api/connector/cortex/job/_search  Search for cortex jobs

Create a new Cortex job#

Creating a new job can be done by performing the following query

POST  /api/connector/cortex/job
Parameters: - cortexId: identifier of the Cortex server - artifactId: identifier of the artifact as found with an artifact search - analyzerId: name of the analyzer used by the job

Last update: March 2, 2021 11:39:03