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Schema version#

The data of TheHive is stored in an ElasticSearch index. The name of the index is suffixed by the revision of the schema. When the schema of TheHive database changes, a new one is created and the version is incremented. By default, index base name is "the_hive" but can be configured (index.index in application.conf).

The following table show for each version of TheHive the default name of the index:

TheHive version Index name
2.9.1 the_hive_7
2.9.2 the_hive_7
2.10.0 the_hive_8
2.10.1 the_hive_8
2.10.2 the_hive_8
2.11.0 the_hive_9
2.11.1 the_hive_9
2.11.2 the_hive_9
2.11.3 the_hive_9
2.12.0 the_hive_10
2.12.1 the_hive_10
2.13.0 the_hive_10
2.13.1 the_hive_10
2.13.2 the_hive_11
3.0.0 the_hive_12
3.0.1 the_hive_12
3.0.2 the_hive_12
3.0.3 the_hive_12
3.0.4 the_hive_13

Last update: March 2, 2021 11:39:03