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TheHive Model Definition#

Field Types#

  • string : textual data (example "malware").
  • text : textual data. The difference between string and text is in the way content can be searched.string is searchable as-is whereas text, words (token) are searchable, not the whole content (example "Ten users have received this ransomware").
  • date : date and time using timestamps with milliseconds format.
  • boolean : true or false
  • number : numeric value
  • metrics : JSON object that contains only numbers

Field can be prefixed with multi- in order to indicate that multiple values can be provided.

Common Attributes#

All entities share the following attributes: - createdBy (text) : login of the user who created the entity - createdAt (date) : date and time of the creation - updatedBy (text) : login of the user who last updated the entity - upadtedAt (date) : date and time of the last update - user (text) : same value as createdBy (this field is deprecated) These attributes are handled by the back-end and can't be directly updated.

Last update: March 2, 2021 11:39:03