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User Profiles management#

User profiles is a new concept introduced by TheHive4 and coming from the support of role based access control aka RBAC.

In TheHive4, users will be assigned a Profile, within an Organisation. A Profile is composed by a set of predefined permissions.


A Profile is a set of permissions attached to a User and an Organisation. It defines what the user can do on an object hold by the organisation. TheHive has a finite list of permissions:

  • manageOrganisation (1) : the user can create, update an organisation
  • manageConfig (1): the user can update configuration
  • manageProfile (1): the user can create, update and delete profiles
  • manageTag (1): the user can create, update and delete tags
  • manageCustomField (1): the user can create, update and delete custom fields
  • manageCase: the user can create, update and delete cases
  • manageObservable: the user can create, update and delete observables
  • manageAlert: the user can create, update and import alerts
  • manageUser: the user can create, update and delete users
  • manageCaseTemplate: the user can create, update and delete case template
  • manageTask: the user can create, update and delete tasks
  • manageShare: the user can share case, task and observable with other organisation
  • manageAnalyse (2): the user can execute analyse
  • manageAction (2): the user can execute actions
  • manageAnalyzerTemplate (2): the user can create, update and delete analyzer template (previously named report template)

(1) Organisations, configuration, profiles and tags are global objects. The related permissions are effective only on “admin” organisation. (2) Actions, analysis and template is available only if Cortex connector is enabled


Read information doesn’t require specific permission. By default, users in an organisation can see all data shared with that organisation (cf. shares, discussed in Organisations,Users and sharing).


We distinguish two types of profiles:

  • Administration Profiles
  • Organisation Profiles

The management page is accessible from the header menu through the Admin > Profiles menu and required a use with the manageProfile permission (refer to the section above).

TheHive comes with default profiles but they can be updated and removed (if not used). New profiles can be created.

list profiles

Once the New Profile button is clicked, a dialog is opened asking for the profile type, a name for the profile and a selection of permissions. Multiple selection can be made using CTRL+click.

create profiles

If it is used, a profile can’t be remove but can be updated.

Default profiles are:

  • admin: can manage all global objects and users. Can’t create case.
  • analyst: can manage cases and other related objects (observables, tasks, …), including shring them
  • org-admin: all permissions except those related to global objects
  • read-only: no permission

Last update: September 6, 2021 07:19:37