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Create Case Observables#

In a TheHive case, you can declare observables.

To create an observable, open the Observables list (Case > Observables). you must have the manageCase permission (refer to Profiles and permissions)

You will find the Add observable button under the Observables tab:

create observable button

In the pop-up, you are invited to fill the observable(s) details:

  • Type *: The observable dataType (eg: ip, hash, domain, ...)
  • Value *: Your observable value (eg:
    • One observable per line: Create one observable per line inserted in value field.
    • One single multiline observable: Create one observable, no matter the number of lines (useful for long URLs for example).
  • TLP *: Define here the way the information should be shared.
  • Is IOC: Check it if this observable is considered as Indicator of Compromission.
  • Has been sighted: Has this observable been sighted on your information system.
  • Ignore for similarity: Do not correlate this observable with other similar observables.
  • Tags **: Tag your observable with insightful information.
  • Description **: Description of the observable.

Details annoted with a '' are mandatory. Detail annoted with '*' mean at least.

create observable

Finally clic on Create Observable(s)

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