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Run Analyzers#

In TheHive4 you can run analyzers on observables.

To run an analyzer, you must have the manageAnalyse permission (refer to Profiles and permissions)

From an observable page#

You can trigger an analyzer on a single observable from it's page (Case > Observables > Observable).

In the Analysis section, you'll find every analyzers available for your organisation and compatible with the observable dataType:

Analysis section

On the right side of the Analysis section, you can trigger the analyzers of your choice by clicking on the fire button, or run them all via the button Run all:

run analysis

From the observables list#

You can also trigger one or more analyzers on one or more observables from the Observables list (Case > Observables)

On the left side of the Observables list, you have checkboxes to select which observables to act on. You can even select all of them using the checkbox that is at the very top of the Observables list:

observables checkboxes

Once selected, clic on the Selected observables menu, and chose Run analyzers:

selected observables

Finally select the desired analyzers to trigger and clic Run selected analyzers:

select analyzers

Consult analyzers report#

Once the analyzer has been triggered and the job terminated, you can consult the Job report directly within TheHive.

Short report#

In the Observables list (Case > Observables), you have access to a short report:

short report

Long report#

On the Observable page (Case > Observables > Observable), in the Analysis table, you can consult a HTML formatted long report by clicking on the analysis link:

long report link

Last update: September 15, 2021 04:34:56