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Users management#

In TheHive4 you can manage users that belongs to your organisation in the Users page (Organisation > Users)

You must have the permission manageUser on your profile to manage users of your organisation. (refer to Profiles and permissions)

Create new user#

You can create a new user in your organisation. clic the Create new user button in the Users page (Organisation > Users)

You must provide the following information (they are all mandatory):

  • Organisation (autmatically filled, non modifiable)
  • Login (This will be used by the user to authenticate)
  • Full Name (This will be used as display name)
  • Profile (drop-down list to set a profile, that will define user permissions)

user management

List users#

You can list the users that belongs to your organisation in the Users page (Organisation > Users)

In this list you can find the following information:

  • Status
  • Login
  • Full Name
  • Profile
  • API Key
  • MFA activation
  • Creation and last update dates

Set or modify a user password#

To set or modify a user password, clic the button New password (if the user never had a password) or Edit password in the column Password of the User list (Organisation > Users)

Create, renew, revoke or reveal an user API Key#

In the column API Key of the user list (Organisation > Users), you can:

  • Create an API Key if the user never had one before
  • Renew the user API Key
  • Revoke the user API Key
  • Reveal the userAPI Key in your user interface.

API Key management

Edit user information#

You can edit the following user information from the user list (Organisation > Users):

  • Full name
  • Profile

To edit an user information, clic the Edit user button on the Actions column:

edit user

Lock an user#

Locking an user make the account unusable for any action. You can lock an user from the User list (Organisation > Users).

To lock an user, clic on the lock button:

lock user

Delete an user#

You can delete an user from your organisation via the User list (Organisation > Users)

⚠️ Note

Deleting an user is irrevocable. Recreating an user with the same information will not reattribute the cases the previous account was assigned to.

To delete an user, clic on the trash icon:

delete user

Last update: September 6, 2021 11:52:38