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Create a Case


POST /api/case

With mandatory fields:

  • title: (String) title of the Case
  • description: (String) description of the Case

Request Body Example#

Basic request#

    "title": "my first case",
    "description": "my first case description"

Request with more details, customFields and tasks#

    "title": "my first case",
    "description": "my first case description",
    "Severity": 3,
    "tlp": 2,
    "pap": 2,
    "startDate": 1635876967233,
    "tags": ["Test Tag", "Another Test Tag"],
    "flag": false,
    "owner": "username@org",
    "tasks": [{
        "title": "mytask",
        "description": "description of my task"
        "cvss": {
           "integer": 9
        "businessUnit": {
            "string": "Sales"


Status code#

  • 201: if Case is created successfully
  • 401: Authentication error
  • 403: Authorization error

Response Body Example#

    "title":"my first case",
    "description":"my first case description",
    "type": "AuthenticationError",
    "message": "Authentication failure"
    "type": "AuthorizationError",
    "message": "Your are not authorized to create custom field, you haven't the permission manageCustomField"

Last update: November 16, 2021 19:54:34