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Model definition#

Required attributes:

  • data (string) : content of the observable (read only). An observable can't contain data and attachment attributes
  • attachment (attachment) : observable file content (read-only). An observable can't contain data and attachment attributes
  • dataType (enumeration) : type of the observable (read only)
  • message (text) : description of the observable in the context of the case
  • startDate (date) : date of the observable creation default=now
  • tlp (number) : TLP (0: white; 1: green; 2: amber; 3: red) default=2
  • ioc (boolean) : indicates if the observable is an IOC default=false
  • status (artifactStatus) : status of the observable (Ok or Deleted) default=Ok

Optional attributes: - tags (multi-string) : observable tags

Observable manipulation#

Observable methods#

HTTP Method URI Action
POST /api/case/artifact/_search Find observables
POST /api/case/artifact/_stats Compute stats on observables
POST /api/case/:caseId/artifact Create an observable
GET /api/case/artifact/:artifactId Get an observable
DELETE /api/case/artifact/:artifactId Remove an observable
PATCH /api/case/artifact/:artifactId Update an observable
GET /api/case/artifact/:artifactId/similar Get list of similar observables
PATCH /api/case/artifact/_bulk Update observables in bulk

List Observables of a Case#

Complete observable list of a case can be retrieved by performing a search:

POST     /api/case/artifact/_search
Parameters: - query: { "_parent": { "_type": "case", "_query": { "_id": "<<caseId>>" } } } - range: all

\<\<caseId>> must be replaced by case id (not the case number !)

Last update: March 2, 2021 11:39:03