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Model definition#

Required attributes: - login / id (string) : login of the user - userName (text) : Full name of the user - roles (multi-userRole) : Array containing roles of the user (read, write or admin) - status (userStatus) : Ok or Locked default=Ok - preference (string) : JSON object containing user preference default={}

Optional attributes: - avatar (string) : avatar of user. It is an image encoded in base 64 - password (string) : user password if local authentication is used

Attributes generated by the backend: - key (uuid) : API key to authenticate this user (deprecated)

User Manipulation#

User methods#

HTTP Method URI Action
GET /api/logout Logout
POST /api/login User login
GET /api/user/current Get current user
POST /api/user/_search Find user
POST /api/user Create a user
GET /api/user/:userId Get a user
DELETE /api/user/:userId Delete a user
PATCH /api/user/:userId Update user details
POST /api/user/:userId/password/set Set password
POST /api/user/:userId/password/change Change password
  • with-key (boolean)

Create a User#

A user can be created using the following URL:

POST     /api/user
Required case attributes (cf. models) must be provided.

This call returns attributes of the created user.

This call is authenticated and requires admin role.


Creation of a user:

curl -XPOST -H 'Authorization: Bearer ***API*KEY***' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{
  "login": "georges",
  "name": "Georges Abitbol",
  "roles": ["read", "write"],
  "password": "La classe"
It returns:
  "createdBy": "myuser",
  "name":"Georges Abitbol",
  "roles": ["read", "write" ],
  "_id": "georges",
  "user": "myuser",
  "createdAt": 1496561862924,
  "status": "Ok",
  "id": "georges",
  "_type": "user",
If external authentication is used (LDAP or AD) password field must not be provided.

Last update: March 2, 2021 11:39:03