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Manage custom fields#

In TheHive 4, Metrics have been removed. Why? Because metrics are simply, numeric custom fields.

To manage Custom fields you need to login as an "admin" user (Member of the "admin" organisation) that has a profile including the manageCustomField permission (refer to Profiles and permissions for detailed information).

The default "admin" user has that permission.

⚠️ Note

Custom fields are global to all the organisation.

Custom fields page

When installing TheHive, the list of custom fields is initially empty, administrators have to populate it.

To create a custom field, click on the "Add custom field" button that opens a dialog:

Add custom field

You need to set:

  • a display name
  • a name (automatically pre-filled by the UI based on the display name)
  • a description
  • a type: on of string, intger, booleen, date and float (new type added by TheHive 4)
  • possible values (not available for date and boolean fields)
  • wether the field is mandatory or not (will be prompted when you close a Case without setting its value)

Once the custom field is created, you can edit its details or delete it:

list custom fields

Only unused custom fields can be removed:

Delete custom field

Last update: September 6, 2021 07:19:37