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Tactics, Techniques and Procedures#

In TheHive4 you can enrich your cases with TTPs.

To manage a case TTPs, you must have the manageCase permission (refer to Profiles and permissions)

Add a TTP to a case#

To add a TTP to a case, go to the TTPs list (Case > TTPs) then clic the Add TTP button:

add TTP button

In the Add Tactic, Technique and Procedure pop-up, you can select:

  • The occur date
  • The Tactic
  • The Technique (you can use filters on techniques)
  • The Procedure (clic to Add procedure to open this free text field)

Finally, clic on Add TTP in the bottom of the pop-up:

TTP selection

Delete a TTP from a case#

You can delete a TTP from a case.

Go to the TTPs list (Case > TTPs), then clic on the Delete button in the Actions column:

TTP deletion

Last update: September 15, 2021 04:34:56